Oxford University Press Case Study

Oxford University Press Case Study

Translation is a challenging task because languages are filled with both subtleties and cultural differences that can make precision difficult. When Oxford University Press wanted to translate an English picture dictionary into thirteen different languages, they turned to Techno-Graphics and Translations, Inc. for help.

Techno-Graphics specializes in translating technical documents, so a dictionary translation was a very different challenge. Many of the words in the English language have no precise translation. In addition, common objects in Western cultures either may not exist or may not be used in other parts of the world, so an accurate translation may have to introduce conceptual information in addition to providing translations.
Translation involves more than simply matching words from different languages to convey information. Every language uses slang terms and idiomatic expressions that convey significant meaning, but that defy literal translation. We worked closely with Oxford University Press’ in-country reviewers to ensure that we produced a precise, accurate translation for each bilingual picture dictionary.

In Language Translation, Experience Counts
At Techno-Graphics, we strive to find the most highly qualified linguists available. Our linguists have years of experience in their particular fields, and possess an exceptional grasp on language as a communication tool.

Our linguists often have years of experience in their chosen technical fields, in addition to superior translation skills. We employ rigorous pre-employment testing to determine a prospective translator’s potential for meeting our exceptionally high quality standards. As a result, you will find both working and retired doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, executives and other professionals among our translators and editors.

We also work closely with your in-country reviewers to ensure that our translations meet the specific language needs of the intended audience. Regardless of the nature of your translation project, Techno-Graphics can help.

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