Greenlee Textron Case Study

Greenlee Textron Case Study

Greenlee Textron is a U.S. manufacturer of industrial tools and serves customers around the world through an extensive network of distributors. Greenlee is dedicated to delivering the best possible support to its partners, and offers training to its distributors to help them understand and market Greenlee products more effectively.

Techno-Graphics and Translations, Inc. has provided technical translation services to Greenlee since 1997. When we perform translations, we use highly skilled linguists and editors with specific subject-matter expertise to ensure that our translations are as accurate as possible. We saw Greenlee’s extensive distributor training program as an opportunity to help us improve the accuracy of our translations of Greenlee’s instruction manuals and packaging materials.

As part of our commitment to providing exceptional translation services, we sent our linguists to Greenlee’s distributor training program. Our personnel worked side-by-side with Greenlee trainers and distributors to learn about, operate and understand Greenlee’s tools and products. By having our translators work directly with Greenlee products and trainers, we helped ensure both our translators and editors had a thorough understanding of the purpose, function and proper operation of each Greenlee product.

Greenlee isn’t the only client to benefit from our approach to language translations for technical documents. Our translators and editors have attended training sessions for many other clients in order to deliver the superior technical translations we have built our reputation on.

The Extra Mile
Sometimes, the only way to put distance between you and your competitors is by going the extra mile. We help our clients distinguish themselves in the global marketplace by providing extraordinarily accurate and complete language services.

When you need flawless translation services, turn to Techno-Graphics. We offer a wide variety of language translation and support services to not only Fortune 500 Companies, but to medium and small businesses alike. Techno-Graphics can provide translations and desktop publishing of your product documentation, engineering, marketing, inter-office communications, and business and legal documents in dozens of languages.

When language is important, Techno-Graphics is the obvious choice for all of your translation needs.

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