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  • About Our Company
    • Techno-Graphics and Translations, Inc., provides superior translation and desktop publishing services to corporations around the world. Based in suburban Chicago, Techno-Graphics offers a full-time staff of experienced in-house translators, editors, desktop publishers and project managers who provide exceptional, dedicated service to our clients, many of whom are among the Fortune 500. We also call upon hundreds of affiliated linguists with industry-specific work experience to provide translation services in virtually every language.

      Customer Satisfaction
      The staff at Techno-Graphics is committed to customer satisfaction. Internally, we employ continual quality assessment and improvement processes to help ensure that we create the best possible work products.

      Technological Excellence
      We are also committed to technological excellence. We accomplish this through timely upgrades of our operational resources and systems. We regularly evaluate new translation technologies for use in our work processes.

      Professional Development
      Finally, we strive to employ the most proficient language professionals available. We invest in our employees through ongoing professional development programs and opportunities that are designed to provide both technical training and resource enhancement.

      Techno-Graphics has been in business for more than 40 years and is an accredited member of the American Translators Association. We are proud to be among the select group whose work is guaranteed and insured by Lloyd’s of London.

  • About Our Linguists
    • Each member of our translation team is carefully matched to each project, based on the client’s industry and the team member’s familiarity with the target market for the end product. At the initial project stage, every team member participates in a client orientation. The client orientation is a crucial step because it enables our entire production staff to learn about the client’s corporate culture and image, project goals, and long-term vision. This allows the finished product to become an effective component of the client’s strategic communication plan.

      Our translators, who are fluent in both the source and target languages, provide initial translation services and an independent translation review. We review each translation internally for accuracy and cultural propriety before we deliver it to the client for independent or in-country validation.

      Our team works closely with our clients and their staff to ensure that all of our translations are precise, accurate and complete. We accomplish this in part by selecting only those linguists who are native speakers of a language and possess the subject-matter expertise needed to provide the highest quality language translation services possible.

  • About Our Project Managers
    • Translation is a multi-stage process that requires consistent tracking, coordination and problem solving. At Techno-Graphics, we provide a tailored approach for every project to facilitate precise, professional results.

      Our experienced and seasoned project managers are flexible, intuitive and innovative. We start by listening to our clients and creating project plans that will meet their objectives. From team selection to timely quality assessments and milestone achievements, our project managers maintain continuous communication with our clients to ensure that we meet all of their product and performance goals.

  • About Our Errors and Omissions Policy
    • Our exceptional translation team works tirelessly to ensure that all of our translations are highly accurate, but we also provide peace-of-mind to our clients with our unique $1,000,000- Errors and Omissions liability insurance policy, underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. Our E&O policy guarantees our ability to provide accurate and complete translations, and also underscores our insurer’s confidence in our staff.

      We take the extra step of providing our E&O policy to each client because we understand that corporate responsibility and liability issues drive the need for highly precise, professional translation services. Our E&O policy meshes with our clients’ pursuit of prudent and ethical business practices. It also supports their efforts to provide highly precise translations of instructions for the proper operation of complex equipment, the clear and explicit translation of warning and safety information, and meet applicable legal requirements.